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Claude Monet by Amina Radoncic

Among many others, Claude Monet was one of the leading figures of impressionism, which was a style of painting that has its roots in France, characterized by quick and loose brushstrokes that form a clear image when looked at from a distance. It also incorporated light yet vivid colors that formed that intended to replicate the beauty of nature. Monet specifically focused upon depicting the leisure activities of Paris and its landscape, rejecting the common European conventions of art.

The evolution of Monet’s art style is one that demonstrated immense growth, showing the transformations it undertook until it became what it is most recognizable as today. This revolutionary shift took place following being introduced to ‘en plein air’, which is a French term referring to paintings that represent the outdoors, aiming to capture simple images in their natural light and form. Building upon his love for natural lighting, this is something that is especially noticeable in his most famous works, such as The Walk Woman with a Parasol. Additionally, Monet’s art is known for his painting methods - he tended to use a technique that relied upon abrupt brush strokes that remained intentionally unblended. Through the use of loose brushwork, he abandoned the general art style of the time and was subject to much criticism. Many criticized the work of Monet and his fellow Impressionists, arguing that their paintings looked messy and unfinished due to the lack of blending. Despite this, Monet would still become one of the most influential figures not only of his time but throughout history.

One of the most acclaimed and recognizable art pieces created by Claude Monet includes The Walk Woman With a Parasol, as previously stated. The painting depicts Monet’s wife, Camille Monet, and child, Jean Monet, standing side by side and wandering through a field on a sunny day. It captured the beauty of a simple snapshot of Monet’s day, highlighting one of the characteristics of the artistic movement from that time period. The use of thin and quick brush strokes painted a lightly colored and casual image, with bright sunlight shining upon Camille and Jean.

Amina Radoncic (she/her) is a sixteen-year-old writer from Long Island, New York. She is a lover of classic literature, her favorite reads include To Kill A Mockingbird and Little Women. While she chooses to spend most of her time reading or writing, you can also find her watching history documentaries, listening to music ranging from Taylor Swift to Vivaldi, and spending time with her dog.

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